Artist Statement

My work is the exploration of the relationship between image, abstraction, and integration.  This relationship is expressed by using the processes of surface design, collage and stitching.  One element of my art making is the development of imagery and transferring these visual representations onto fabric.  I dye, paint, and transfer Xerox and Photographic images onto cloth.  I imprint images onto the fabric by screen printing, rust printing, or by exposure to the sun.  Pieces of paper, fabrics, objects, and thread are then assembled to create a rich pattern of textures by the layering of images; whereby the cloth becomes the visualization of my mark making.  The textile process is always present in my work, stitch after stitch, building up a story, a memory, a relationship.

My work investigates time and change-the subtle evidence of time's passing as reflected by the transient nature of time and the effects of time on memory; the layers of faded memories and the fleeting traces of long forgotten recollections. My imagery is based upon the natural world.  Using dye, paint, silk screens, fabric, old newspapers and thread these images become sketches, layer upon layer that float between there and not there, dissolving into abstraction and reconfiguring themselves into a recognizable form.

Mixed Messages # 1

D E N I S E   L I N E T

Mixed Media Textiles